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Waitlisted: 4 people
Current slots: 8/8 slots 

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How my commission slots work

I will be using a modular system to categorize commissions in order to lessen the risk of burnout from doing large pieces each time. This means different artworks will take up different amounts of slots. Below are some examples:

(I) 1 slot

Anime-style simple bust or simple half body, sketch style simple bust or half body with minimal details, simple chibi, 3-6 emotes

(II) 2 slots
Half body vintage or anime-style artwork with some detail, full or half body sketch style with some detail, multiple chibis with props

(III) 3 slots
Full body vintage or anime-style artwork with details, background and multiple people, involved concept, full bodies of horses or very intricate subject matter

Other artists and creators can use this system as well and adapt it to their own needs if they wish! I just came up with this while I was on a walk.


Types of Art and Expectations
The commissioner will select a form of digital art to be painted by me. I will give at least two to three updates on the art piece before proceeding to the finished piece.

Consultation and Concept
References, descriptions, and images shall be provided by the commissioner before I begin the artwork. During this process, I have the right to refuse a commission if I deem it is out of my ability or has content that I am unwilling to create.

Payment Amount
The price will be decided beforehand and is based upon the art style and complexity of the completed work. It will be consistent with the pricing of other artworks at the time of sale. Art that I expect to be detailed or difficult may cost 15-20% more than the listed price, depending on how much time it will take me. I will let you know if your piece falls under this jurisdiction before I start the project.

Other fees
Due to the conversion fee hidden by PayPal, transactions in USD have a 4.5% surcharge. I am able to make invoices in CAD. If you prefer to pay in USD, I recommend Stripe. I will be looking into other payment methods through Payoneer in the future. 

Payment Schedule
All payment is upfront unless specified or agreed upon. An invoice will be sent before I start the artwork. Late payments (1 week after the invoice was sent) will have your slot waitlisted until payment is received, and then your slot will be removed after 3 days. 

No Redistribution or Reproduction
No artwork may be reproduced or altered without my written consent but can be cropped and filters may be added for personal use only. After the commission is complete, you may upload it to social media with tags to my Twitter or Tumblr. Commercial use of my artwork requires different considerations. This must be discussed in full before payment.

⚠️ Nothing made by Tamafry may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, or future technologies in this or any adjacent fields. ⚠️
If you have questions about whether your use case falls into an adjacent field, ask first.

No Refund or Refusal of Payment
The agreed price of the completed artwork must be paid upfront in full and cannot be refunded.